Townhouse Living In Adelaide’s CBD

As our population is on the increase, we are noticing townhouse living is becoming more common in and around Adelaide’s CBD. The ever-popular big back yard is becoming scarcer due to our lives becoming busier as time prevails. Although it’s a growing trend, are there really benefits to town house living?

#1: Affordable housing option for the growing family

Price is one of the greatest drawcards for town house living. When you compare it to a traditional home with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they offer incredible value for money. They are more affordable, they tend to suit most lifestyles in which many buyers are able to purchase a townhouse in convenient locations where they may not be able to purchase a traditional home.

#2: Maintenance

Not everyone wants to spend the weekend pruning trees and mowing their large patch of lawn to maintain the appearance of their home. This makes townhouses more appealing as this is a big part of the overall appeal of townhouse living. You can enjoy the convenience of 2 or 3 bedrooms, a beautiful outdoor living area without spending your free time maintaining a large yard.

#3: Versatility

Split level designs allow for the separation of main living area from the bedrooms and bathrooms, which intern creates a sense of extra space and versatility. This means that if someone is sleeping upstairs, they won’t be disturbed with what’s happening downstairs- a bonus for night workers or anyone who enjoys entertaining. Town houses also allow you to entertain or relax in the living area downstairs whilst the kids play upstairs or in the security of the court yard.

#4: Community living

As Adelaide continues to grow at a rapid rate, the dream of owning a large house isn’t as sustainable or affordable as it once was. A townhouse, however, gives you the space to enjoy your new lifestyle and provide us with opportunities to build new communities such as Mawson Lakes or Lightsview. By purchasing a new town home in a master planned estate, you will become part of a new community complete with maintained facilities including parks, cafes and community gardens.

#5: Improved sustainability

When it comes to sustainable housing that’s beneficial to you but also to the environment, future growth it becomes a viable solution that will not compromise your lifestyle. To the modern-day home buyer, sustainability and energy efficient homes are becoming increasingly appealing.

When looking at the viability of purchasing a home, you should always seek professional financial or legal advice to see if the product suits you and your lifestyle. Speaking to the team at First Home Buyers can give you a better understanding on the products their developer partners can offer you, from fixed price footings to turn key homes.

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