House and Land packages for first home buyers

If you’re at the pivotal point of purchasing your first new home, but are weighing up the benefits of house and land or off-the-plan then this article is the perfect read for you.  It has been a rather large discussion and we as a company have had multiple clients through asking a lot questions relating to it. Some of which come down to the fix pricing of the home. Some of the following things need to be taken into consideration when looking for house and land packages for first home buyers…


You’re going to save on stamp duty on the house and land option as you’re only required to pay stamp duty on the land value. The best part of the First Home Buyers product, is you don’t need to pay holding costs and construction interest as the building company covers that for you with the $10,000.00 contribution. In a normal run of the mill situation, you would still need to cover this, which will break after approximately 9 months of construction. Another thing you don’t need to worry about with First Home Buyers, as the House and Land packages are guaranteed at a 26 week build, yep you heard correct… 26 weeks from council approval and you’re going to be in your new home, no stress and no progress payments.


With house and land you certainly have your finance in place prior to settlement of the land and commencement of construction which is not always the case with off the plan. Working closely with a panel of quality brokers who understand the Homestart product to tailor suit a loan to your needs.


People will often say there are pitfalls due to House and land not including the full turnkey options. With the First Home Buyers product, we have complete fixed price, turnkey packages which means everything is included. This includes the footings. Footings are what anchor your house to the ground, some areas have different sized footings due to soil grades. With poor quality soil, may need bigger footings, this may be areas near the hills or close to the beach. With First Home Buyers for your peace of mind, footings are completely fixed. The necessary reports are done prior to, to ensure there are no hidden costs or surprises to you as the client.


Turn Key means that the house is ready to move in on completion and has everything you will need! From Landscaping to fencing and storm water we completely finish these house and land packages to the highest standard for you. With beautiful quality stainless steel appliances you will be rustling up a feast in the kitchen on your first night in your new home! With full upfront detailed disclosure stating these houses are ready to move in, you can purchase with ease and transparency.

What More?

I’ve only skimmed the surface as to the benefits of a First Home Buyers House and Land package. For further information, feel free to call us on 1300 001 342 to run through it more in depth. We are more than happy to send through information packs, brochures and even book one on one appointments, whichever suits you better.

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