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A Second Chance At Home Ownership

By digitalengine | June 24, 2020

Home ownership can be a bit complicated at times, and frequently, First Home Buyers has been asked if we can assist people who have previously owned a home but have lost it due to either divorce, separation and other matters. Although it is unfortunate to hear of these circumstances, it is happening more often than…

Townhouse Living In Adelaide’s CBD

By digitalengine | June 24, 2020

As our population is on the increase, we are noticing townhouse living is becoming more common in and around Adelaide’s CBD. The ever-popular big back yard is becoming scarcer due to our lives becoming busier as time prevails. Although it’s a growing trend, are there really benefits to town house living? #1: Affordable housing option…

The Year of the First Home Buyer

By digitalengine | June 24, 2020

For the first time since 2009 as quoted by Suncorp, the first home buyer home loans have been consistently trending upwards. Often the biggest challenges we see for first home buyers is getting their deposit together. If they can successfully do this, they then often find themselves competing with investors for the same types of…