We know that building your first home can be a costly process, so we’d like to give you a kick start!

To show our commitment to First Home Buyers, we will pay for the interest during construction in order to assist you in the funding for the purchase of your new home.

First Homer Buyers will guarantee, and pay for, the on-time delivery of your completed home. For us it's all about doing what we can to help you fulfill your dream and budget correctly from the outset without additional unforeseen costs to complete your home.

It only takes three simple steps to build your first home with us. These are as follows:


With as little as $3,000* upfront, you can start building your new home. Our finance specialists will help you find the best value home loan and if eligible, government assistance.


We have house and land packages across Adelaide. We will work with you to find the right block of land for your home in the Suburb that you want to live in within your approved budget.


Choose a home from our wide selection of plans that best suits your lifestyle and we’ll make it happen.

If you're ready to begin your journey to Home Ownership, take our preliminary assessment and allow us to help you find what options will best suit you.