Top tips for moving into your brand new home

So the big day has arrived! You have finally been given the keys to your brand new turnkey home! After months of anticipation, you’re finally moving into your brand new home! Although you’re eager to move in here’s a few tips to remember when moving!

1. Organisation

One of the many things people often think isn’t needed… Truth I, a well organised move will help minimalize the stress of moving. The biggest factor is packing! A smart tip for packing is to colour code boxes to specific rooms. For example your master bedroom might be colour coded blue. It can be colourised by a strike of a blue paint marker or a blue post it note

2. Move strategy

How will you get from home to home? Leasing a truck on a vehicle licence is possible as there are a few companies which do day leases. For short distance moves, you can assemble a group of friends or some family. If the move is too large, then furniture removalists are the way to go…Nobody wants too much stress!

3. Purging

Moving is a great opportunity to organise your belongings and get rid of the items you no longer use. If time permits, holding a garage sale can sometimes be a great way to rid the unwanted items. If you are time stricken or have a small amount of time, donating the gently worn clothing, toys or furniture can be rewarding in both giving to the less fortunate and de-cluttering your inventory.

4. Clean, clean, clean

Giving your new home a thorough once over before you begin to put your household items will ensure the home is free of any dust and will allow you to further inspect the home whilst cleaning at the same time.

5. Unpacking

Before you begin to unpack your items into the new home, try and delegate rooms (i.e. Games room, allocated bedrooms etc.). This way you can but the colour coded boxes into their allocated rooms which will make unpacking a breeze.

6. But where do we start

Logically you would be best to start with the kitchen and dining. It’s the heart of the house and it’s the first part of the house you will use after a long hard days moving! Next would be the bedrooms and bathroom followed by entertainment room and any other rooms.

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