5 Tips for building on a small block of land

Building small is the new modern. Those days of a big backyard for the garden, chickens and a veggie patch are long gone. As we become a society in which becomes busier and we spend less and less time at home, the allotments that we are purchasing are becoming smaller and smaller.

A smaller allotment doesn’t mean you have to forget the luxuries of a larger home or compromise on the location, but it could significantly reduce your overall costs. With advanced design technology and strategic thinking, builders are able to design smart homes which feel larger and still have large home capabilities.

– Open Plan Living

Building on a small lot is all about optimizing the space that is available. This means utilizing open plan living. Open plan living tends to make the family feel more connected. Being that its not a new concept, it’s a popular design that’s used in many new homes. When purposefully designed, it can make the family feel connected without living on top of each other. Strategically placing windows will also allow more natural light to travel through the home, creating a larger and airy feel.

– Clever Storage

In larger homes, there are plenty of potential storage areas that are sometimes left as wasted space, such as areas under stairs or under tables. There are ways to maximize your storage space in a smaller home. The top way to do so is through built in storage in the areas which would otherwise become dead space. This can be places such as under a staircase, walk in pantry, hallway built in cupboards or bedroom-built ins.

– Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Area

In Adelaide, we enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors whether it be entertaining or relaxing. You can plan a functional yet spacious backyard with some clever planning. When building to create a wonderful ambiance, you can incorporate vertical gardens or raised garden beds along the backside of fences. This will create another level of greenery to your outdoor space.

– Build Up And Build Smart

There are many ways for you to build your home to make a small space seem larger. By raising your ceilings higher and installing larger windows won’t take up any additional room and really add to a sense of space.  

Raised ceilings, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows and open plan spaces that flow in-between indoor and outdoor living spaces all give homes a real feel for flow and movement. Sliding doors also take up less room than a standard opening door and help maximize the amount of natural light entering a home.

– Add Multi-purpose Rooms To Your Floor Plan

Multi-purpose rooms mean owners can change the way a space is used as their families grow. Rooms such as studies aren’t used all the time, so an easy way to save space it to have a study nook instead of an entire separate room. Inquisitive designers will be able to utilize every square meter of your house design giving you bang for your buck.

Overall, a quality builder will be able to better assist you in designing a home which will suit your needs and requirements. Enquire with us today to find out how we can assist you in achieving home ownership. Always remember that statistics show the average Australian owns approximately 6 homes in their lifetime. A steppingstone property is one step in the right direction.

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