We all love planes but we don’t like them flying overhead when we’re trying to sleep. A regular point which we try to discuss with our First Home clients, is to do the necessary research prior to purchasing a home. At First Home Buyers, we will always work within our client’s best interests in positioning them in the best house and land package to suit their needs and lifestyle taking into consideration all parameters such as airport flight paths (noise pollution), public transport and other amenities. To ensure this, First Home Buyers undertakes extensive research to ensure our clients are getting the best product for their budget and lifestyle.

But it’s not all about the location, equally important is the quality, functionality and design of the build. From understanding the impact of a south or north facing home to whether your bedrooms should be positioned to the front or the rear of the property. These simple things make the home more cost effective which intern will create fantastic capital growth over time.

Unfortunately, the team at First Home Buyers have seen, time and time again an unsuspecting purchaser secure their first home without understanding environmental and economic impact of the location and outcome of the quality of the design both architecturally and the quality of the internal fit out itself.

Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you, another common practice used within the real estate industry is using internal photos of high spec, expensive builds and portraying them as what you will get in your first home. For example, showing $15,000 6 burner free standing stove/oven combination appliances or high end $30,000 café bi-fold doors. First Home Buyers use real images from recent builds by our builder partners and client’s new homes. So, as you continue to hunt for that home and land package to suit your budget and lifestyle, ensure that you read through what’s included in the home, drive past the location and surrounding area and find out what is included in your inclusions list such as quality of finish and appliances included.

For more helpful tips or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the team at First Home Buyers today.

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